Squash: An Amazing Spectacle; The Ultimate Game of Strength and Skill

"Squash is the essence of modern-day sport. It pits man against man, in an enclosed court, with only one emerging victor. It is a short, intense duel of skill, brains, agility and athleticism that commands an audience's attention and keeps them on the edge of their seats — like a turbo-charged game of chess."

Squash is a racket sport played by 20 million people from over 185 different countries. There are over 50,000 squash courts worldwide and more than 140 recognised national federations. Players alternate in striking the small rubber ball with their racket, hitting it against the playable surfaces of the court's four walls.

History of Squash
Squash was invented at Harrow School in England in around 1830, evolving from a combination of rackets and fives. Instead of using a hard ball as in rackets, the boys of Harrow used a rubber ball which squashed against the back wall, making the game slower and easier to play.  The game of squash increased in popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries, soon making its way across the globe to North America, Australia and Asia. Today, squash has changed significantly and is now played across six continents by amateur and professional players throughout the world.

The Sport Today
Squash is considered as one of the fastest and most demanding sports on the planet, with Forbes magazine ranking it as the 'world's no. 1 healthiest sport'. Squash combines power with finesse and offers the ultimate in physical and mental achievement; as a dynamic and growing worldwide sport, it supports key educational values making it a fantastic sport for players of all ages. 

Squash today continues to grow as an international sport, featuring in the Commonwealth, Asian and Pan-American Games, as well as offering an elite professional world tour circuit for both men and women. Changes to scoring (to PAR-11), evolution in technology (glass courts and lightweight equipment) and its widely recognised health benefits all serve to ensure squash is a truly modern-day sport. Why not give it a go for yourself?