The PSA President and current World No1 James Willstrop will take further time out from his tournament preparations at the Allam British Open Squash Championships' O2 Arena venue to hold book signings for his self-penned publication, first released back in January.

The collection of diary-entries offer readers a unique and frank assessment of the life of a PSA player, with flashbacks mapping Willstrop's memories as an up-and-coming junior player, coping with family tragedy and focussing more specifically on the struggles, strains, highs and lows of a year in the life of one of the best squash players in the world.

The book reveals an insightful perception of what makes this professional sportsman tick, with clever, raw and often brutally honest commentaries and monologues that divulge more about the lung-bursting physical pressures on and off court, the intense mental battles and the strains of always working towards the ultimate goal of being the best of the best.

Rivalries are laid bare and emotions revealed, but Willstrop's modest and straightforward delivery of the key points in his life are often as heart-warming as they are astute.  The separation of the general public and the elite squash world is less of a barrier than in many sports, and Willstrop leaves no stone unturned in his evaluation of the sport from a professional point of view.  Shot and Ghost, along with Willstrop himself, are both fantastic credits to the sport.

Available from his website, Amazon Books and at the British Open this May.