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Serme in action at the British Open in Hull

‘Winning the European Title Was Huge’ For Camille Serme

As we reach the end of another season, the PSA's Matt Coles has been talking to the stars of the PSA World Tour about their 2018/19 campaigns. Here he catches up with French No.1 Camille Serme.
For the first time in their history, France’s women won the European Team Championships, with Camille Serme at the heart of the victory.

The team beat England in the final, who for only the second time in 42 attempts failed to win the title. Serme calls that win “huge”.

“My best performance? I don’t really know because each tournament has a story, a background…,” she explained.

“If I had to chose one, it would be with the French team, winning the European title was huge for us! It was the first time I shared a big title with the girls and it was great!”

Serme (bottom, second left) and the rest of the French team (left), along with all the winners at the European Teams

On an individual note, Serme moved back into the top three in the World Rankings for the first time since January 2018, and she puts it down to her consistency throughout the campaign.

“I think I’ve been pretty consistent this season. I started well in September, then I had been a bit busy with my wedding (it was amazing but maybe I got a bit distracted),” the French No.1 admitted.

“I finished quite well those last few months, playing my best squash. Really happy to be back in the top 3! It shows my accuracy in the tournaments, it’s positive!”

After finishing the season at World No.3, and once again as the French No.1, Serme spent part of her off-season helping with the WSF Ambassador program.

“I went to Kenya for the WSF Ambassador’s program and then back to training with my staff and team mates!” she said.

“We will go to Mauritius in July as well for an exhibition tournament, so still a lot of traveling during the off season.”

Serme has two dreams that she still wants to achieve in her squash career, both of which she has come close to in the past.

“My dream is still to become World Champion and World No.1, so why not next year?”

Could 2019-2020 be the season she achieves them?

Keep a look out for the next player’s review of the 2018-19 season in the coming days, as England's Daryl Selby reviews his campaign.

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