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Welcome to the SQUASHTV Help Desk. Here you will find how to get in touch with our Customer Support Team who will help you with your SQUASHTV subscription, advise on how to upgrade or cancel plus a range of other queries. We also have a range of answers to Frequently Asked Questions which should help you get the most from our service.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here then please email us –

More than 500 matches are shown live on SQUASHTV every season.


What content is available on SQUASHTV?
SQUASHTV is the digital streaming service run by the Professional Squash Association and broadcasts more than 20 top tournaments every year – live and on demand. Live coverage is available via the Live tab in the menu and will screen action from around the world as it happens. Once each day's play has concluded, re-live the action with full replays of every match played in front of the SQUASHTV cameras. Match highlights will also be published plus you can also watch top features plus pick up playing tips with our SquashSkills series.

How much is a SQUASHTV subscription?
A SQUASHTV subscription begins at $5 for a day pass which gives access to the full package for 24 hours. A monthly pass is available for $13.99 while you can subscribe for a whole year for $119.99.

What is a SQUASHTV Digital Subscription?
If you are not ready to subscribe to a paid plan, why not sign up for a FREE digital subscription to allow you to watch highlights, features and more.

I want to find the schedule of upcoming SQUASHTV tournaments
You can find the upcoming schedule of announced SQUASHTV tournaments on the following link. The day’s order of play will be published on the schedule page together with times of the matches. You can also view the times of the matches via the Live tab.

I can’t sign up to SQUASHTV via the subscription page
Only subscribers based outside of Europe are able to subscribe to SQUASHTV.
If you live outside of Europe, but are still having issues using the subscription page, then please make sure that all fields are filled in correctly.
If the issue persists, please contact and we will be happy to help.

I can’t remember my password for SQUASHTV
Please complete the following steps to reset your SQUASHTV password:

1 – Open the following page –
2 – Enter your email address as a username
3 – Select the 'forgotten your password' option
4 – Select to reset your SQUASHTV password

If the problem continues then please contact and we will be happy to help.

How can I cancel my SQUASHTV subscription?
We’re always sorry to see subscribers leave. If you would still like to go ahead and cancel your subscription, then please contact and we will be happy to help.

I can’t play SQUASHTV on my SmartTV
We're always looking to bring you the highest quality matches, in order to do this we must keep as up to date as possible with browser updates. Please ensure the browser on your tv is the latest version. For example, if you're using Google Chrome please make sure it's: Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit). If your browser and flash player are update to date, your smartTV should play SQUASHTV as normal.

If you can't update your tv's browser we recommend getting a chrome cast device so you can send SQUASHTV to your tv via your laptop. A HDMI cable is also an option to watch SQUASHTV on your tv from your laptop.

Why are some matches not shown on SQUASHTV?
SQUASHTV is committed to covering matches in the highest quality possible. This means we will focus on games scheduled for glass courts to allow for all-round camera footage. At some tournaments, early round matches are played on traditional courts which makes providing TV coverage to our usual quality levels difficult. We look to make early round games available via our other channels including Facebook and YouTube but feel we cannot expect people fo pay to view those matches due to their poor quality.

SQUASHTV and Eurosport Player

The PSA World Tour has joined with Eurosport so you can watch the very best live squash action online via Eurosport Player. Up to 20 PSA tournaments are available to watch on all your devices via Eurosport Player – the home of live squash in Europe. Subscription prices vary depending on your country – but start at £5.99 a month or £39.99 for a whole year in the UK.

What is Eurosport Player?
Eurosport Player is the home of Eurosport TV online and offers live digital streaming of Eurosport's channels. Subscribing gives unlimited access to Eurosport's channels with live squash from the PSA World Tour now part of the line-up. Your subscription will also allow you to watch selected channels live online, watch videos on demand on all your devices and give you access to world class sports events including tennis Grand Slams, Tour de France, top football leagues and much more.

Eurosport on Amazon
We do not manage Eurosport services here but as far as we are aware it is Eurosport rather than Eurosport Player that is available via Amazon Prime. Squash is only available via Eurosport Player and is a separate subscription service to that offered via the regular Eurosport channels.

If you're watching SQUASHTV outside of Europe, you should still be able to view live coverage via the regular site as your geo-location will allow you access. However, once back in Europe you will need to watch via Eurosport Player. You will only require one subscription as your current log-in details for SQUASHTV will still be needed to access replays, features etc.

How do I get help with Eurosport Player subscription?
Unfortunately SQUASHTV and Eurosport Player are separate companies therefore we can't check Eurosport accounts. Eurosport Player should be able to help and you can contact them here

Live squash on Facebook

The PSA has agreed a deal with the Facebook Live platform to grow the sport and show the world how great squash is.
Some live matches are being available for free on Facebook in territories outside of Europe but, SQUASHTV is the only place you can watch the semi finals and finals of our tournaments. We're committed to bringing new content you'll only see on SQUASHTV including our full length replays that go back from 2019 to 1980. With SQUASHTV you also get access to our selection of coaching videos.

Join SQUASHTV and get closer to the PSA World Tour